Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cell phone ban coming to Ontario roads

A cell phone ban is coming to Ontario later on this month.  It is long over due.  For many years we've seen an increase in cell phone carrying drivers with little regard to the effect it has had on distracted driving.

I was driving behind somone the other day going 90 km/h in the left (aka passing) lane.  Needless to say, he wasn't passing anyone.  Then he started swerving in and out of the lane, crossing over to the middle lane then correcting his vehicle... My first impression was 'dude must be drunk...'  Then I realized it was 11 am.

When I finally passed him, I noticed that he was totally engulfed in a phone conversation and was totally oblivious to the motorists that were going insane driving behind him... I think every person that drives in Ontario should have a cell phone, I just don't think they should be using it while they are driving.

What happens when driving is your job?  You need to call the office and get instructions and usually you're on a tight schedule.  Transportation providers are going to need a new more effective system.

For over a year we have implemented a few changes that have resulted in significantly less cell phone airtime for our drivers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Toronto Limos victims of a double standard

About a month ago, the Provincial Government ruled that Airport limos, that are mainly licensed by the City of Mississauga, can continue to pick up passengers in the City of Toronto without a plate to do so.

What is the Government's stance on Toronto licensed vehicles picking up in other municipalities?

Today I had a customer request that I pick him up from the Hilton on Airport Rd.  A City of Mississauga inspector followed both my drivers and refused to let them pick up my client.  Causing a scene in front of my confused customer.

I asked my customer to leave the Hotel property so that my driver can pick him up.  He walked to a different location and the inspector continued to follow my driver to prevent him from picking up my passenger.

What is with this sort of aggressiveness?  Do they get paid by the ticket? 

I am absolutely incensed at this ridiculous double standard.  Since the Provincial Government decided to get involved in the City of Toronto's business, I would like to know, what is the ruling for this situation?

Can the City of Mississauga continue to prevent City of Toronto licensed vehicles from picking up pre-arranged passengers?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to avoid being a victim of Credit Card fraud in Limos or Cabs

If you travel often and use your credit card to cover expenses chances are you've had a few charges come through on your statement that you don't recall.  That $125 hotel bar tab, a $85 charge from some random tattoo parlour in NYC or that $60 charge for a cab from your hotel to the Airport.

But what happens when you notice that you've been overcharged for that cab ride.  $60 becomes $80 pretty easily.  Although you may think that your credit card is the safe way to pay, what you don't know is who is processing these charges.

When you pay in a retail store or a restaurant, your payment is processed and then you receive your receipt.  When you use you credit card in a taxi or limo, the driver fills out the charge on a credit card slip, you sign, but your payment hasn't been processed yet.  You've basically given the driver the right to charge you for his services on your credit card.

So where does this credit card slip go?  You would hope that it stays with the driver or goes to the cab company that processes payment and safely stores your credit card information and signature.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Difference between 'Airport' Limousines and Toronto Limousines

'Toronto politicians are fuming over a recent provincial government move that ensures airport limousines can continue to pick up passengers in the city.
The city of Toronto had passed a bylaw to end the practice but the bylaw was suspended after the limousine drivers and owners went to court.' via
'In a move that caught Toronto cabbies and city officials by surprise, the Ontario government has quietly amended the City of Toronto Act to ensure that airport-licensed taxis and limousines can't be prohibited from picking up fares within city limits.
The provincial amendment ensures the death of a contentious city bylaw that aimed to permit only Toronto-licensed taxis and limos to take passengers to the airport – a short-lived victory for local taxi drivers in a 30-year fight over the lucrative fares.' via

The problem here, is that the general public does not understand the difference between an 'Airport' limo/taxi and a City of Toronto limo/taxi.